Why Does Everyone Want a Career in Digital Marketing?

Written By: Gopi Krishna M

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Let’s face it. If there is one job which is hugely popular, is very well paid, provides the perfect work life balance and has good future, everyone for sure will want a career in that. Digital Marketing is the in demand job right now not only in the world but in India too. With its striking features like cost effectiveness, instant response, convenience and effectiveness, digital marketing is making a strong impression in the world of marketing.

Eight Reasons why everyone is choosing a career in digital marketing.

  • It is high in Demand: Today, the most in-demand digital marketing jobs are digital advertising, content strategy, content creation/curation, content strategy, social media, email, and SEO. As per research from McKinley Marketing Partners, in 2017, digital marketers with digital skills, those with expertise in digital advertising and content are the most in demand by employers. 
  • Get Paid More Than Your Peers: The demand for digital marketing professionals has outpaced supply. When you are employed in a productive industry with a large skills shortage, you can always negotiate your salary accordingly.
  • Perfect career for work life balance: An interesting aspect of digital marketing is that this jobs allows one to be working around the internet, and where you work from is not crucial as long as your work is performed.
  • A choice from what interests you: It is a huge industry, and one can choose a job from a varied number of roles. You can become an email marketer, inbound marketer, a SEO or PPC executive or can be an online PR expert. An excellent career choice where you have more to choose.
  • No specific educational background required: One of the most significant advantage that digital marketing jobs have brought to the market is that one doesn't need a specific set of qualifications to be able to pursue digital marketing. Your passion, not the qualification, matters. The best part is that you don’t have to begin your career from scratch if you want to make it big in the business. All you need is passion.
  • Learning something new every day: Every day, new tools are introduced in the digital marketing industry, tools which you will have the opportunity to use on a regular basis. After one year of working in the sector, your CV will have about one hundred new skills.
  • A recession proof job with job security: During any recession, graduates are plunged into a world of uncertainty and job scarcity. Wouldn’t it be nice to gain a fresh set of skills that could future-proof your career, increase your job security and even enhance your career progression?
  • A great future for digital marketing jobs: There are 150,000 digital jobs predicted by 2020 and not enough digital professionals to fill them. This data ensures those studying digital marketing with a unique competitive advantage – gearing yourself up for a career where demand exceeds supply.

    Now you know why everyone wants a career in digital marketing.

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